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I'm pretty new to the self employed business arena.  I have bought a franchise company.  So my understanding of the company web setup is - The Company as the website domain and then the Franchise company/s as subdomains under "Locations" on the company website.

Unfortunately, before I bought the franchise I had no exposure to SEO what so ever.  I've been on a really steep learning curve, so steep, I slide back down it a lot!! :0)

I have created backlinks and all social media posts to go to my Franchise Company URL, which I believe is classed as a subdomain.

Analytics show the company domain looks pretty good but how can I find out how my company using the subdomain is performing?  Are there any free tools that I can use to get stats on my backlink setup and SEO?

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Well, I'm not aware of any free tool because I haven't used one. Most of the free tools come with certain limitations and so I prefer using a paid one which suits my budget. I use a tool called CoreSEO which is quite affordable. It goes through various backlink check parameters and provides a clear stats of backlinks. Also, this is a great tool for optimizing the on-page & off-page SEO activities.

Good advice?
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