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Backlink on business directory

Hi, I’m just starting out with my own website for my business and trying to build build my backlinks. My business is listed on several business directories, but I don’t have any backlinks at all. Any ideas?

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Any good directory will be a no-follow link so even if you get a listing it won't really help you. Directories should only be for traffic and not for link building. The majority (there are a few exceptions) are quite spammy and to be avoided. 

Although some would argue its not a directory but Google my business is such exceptions I talk about. Make sure that is up to date with as much detail about your business as possible, including opening hours, contact numbers, physical address etc if that is applicable to you.

Generally, my advice is to avoid most directories, a few trade/niche ones may be useful but to be honest, the majority of users search on google and not use directories any more.

Good advice?
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