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Bad ranking compared to other low quality content/ low authority sites

Hello guys,


Tips needed.


We have been running an online store for telecommunication products (headsets, phones, conference systems and accessories) called Tenovis Direct for more than 20 years now (in Germany). For the last 2-3 years, we have noticed more and more often that competitors with poor product pages (some even without descriptions) rank significantly better. This includes some niche stores that sell just a few products from our area, so actually have no real authority for our topics.


As a result, we have put more and more effort into building E-A-T. Allthough we already had a blog with 200 articles about telecommunication topics. Now we have a Youtube channel for product reviews/ comparisons (also embedded with schema on our product pages) and try to answer some questions from different forums. On the technical side we use search console and ahrefs (99/ 100 health score) to detect any issues and improve our content.


However, it feels like something else is holding us back. Has anyone possibly had the same experience and despite having "better" content, ranked lower than other sites that weren't even in the same topic area?


We would be super happy about any tip!


Best regards


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