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Drastic drop in organic ranking and traffic from google

Dear Forum Members hope you are doing great,


Recently we started experiencing a huge drop in our all the top-ranking keywords e.g. duct cleaning Mississauga, duct cleaning Vaughan, and other 20+ keywords where we were ranking under 5-20 but all of sudden since 25th May our ranking dropped to 40-0 (not ranking).


And we haven't done any specific due to that raking got declined.


Also, we did a cross-check search console, policy issue, no-index, warning issue, etc but haven't found which indicates the ranking downfall for our website.


Request you to share any though to fix the issue asap we really appreciate your thoughts and support for us.


Our website: and location: Canada

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Ref Images Link:


Thank you.
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An organic ranking drop may result from either a decrease in the quantity or quality of backlinks directed toward your website. It's critical to analyze your backlink portfolio and prioritize the establishment of high-quality backlinks.

However, constructing backlinks manually may be arduous and time-consuming. As a solution, I'm employing Postifluence, an automated backlinking tool that provides numerous benefits such as time and energy savings, the ability to increase your backlink-building efforts, discover high-quality backlink prospects, and boost your efficiency. The inclusion of this tool is highly advantageous!

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