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Google Analytics for Attribution Measurement, first click or position based model?

Hi, I’m trying to figure out what is the best way to measure the conversions of the blog that I’m working on. Besides the blog articles, we do a lot of link-building, email marketing, paid search, and social marketing as well. However, since our Google Analytics default set up for conversions is the last click/last touch model, we cannot really see the whole picture of how our blog articles perform in terms of conversion. Therefore, my question is what model would be the best fit for our needs; first click model or position-based model. Thank you so much!

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I personally never use anything free from Google. If you are doing any SEO for the purposes of manipulating rankings, Google will know this immediately they do a manual search of your account and the minute they establish any link building is manipulated, out come the penalties. My best recommendation is to use third party software at all times of performing any SEO. Google cares about Adwords not SEO.

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