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Have Tried Everything, Think DNS Won't Let Site Show Up

My site is, and it will not show up at all unless you type "" in Google.

The site was transferred from a different domain,, and this took quite some effort and was a very involved process, dealing with SSL and DNS and I believe that something is very deeply wrong with the DNS configuration on the server of the site that isn't allowing it to show up on google search results.

The site is built using wordpress, and I have absolutely optimized it with All in One SEO. Then, when that didn't work I disabled AIOSEO and optimized everything through Yoast SEO. It still doesn't show up. I think if you search it regularly like "gro-usa" then it might show up on the tenth page or something. 

If any other information is required for help with this then I can provide it! I am the web developer. This is an extremely weird problem I have never run into. 

So, how can I make this website appear on google at all?

Thank you!

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Hello moderators!

Just saw this was posted three separate times. Not trying to spam or anything, just when I submitted the question it showed me some HTTP error message with some code showing, so not sure what that was.


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