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Hello! I am thanking you for reading this forum.

Please a request and not an order I would like to tell you something that made me lose

my profits in the market. We are a website and application design company with four

headquarters in the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and India.

During the last period, I changed the domain name of my site immediately after

the change. I lost my rank in the search results. The problem is that I lost

more than 3 million backlinks in two years, and I am suffering from the problem

of the difficulty of my site appearing due to the weakness of backlinks. So, I

came to ask you to link to my site so that I can stay present in the market.

These are the links to my site

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Well I am surprised that a Digital Marketing Company would make such a mistake.

Sounds like you didn't prepare for the migration to the new domain name.

1.  Host the old domain so it is active.

2.  Put in a wild card redirect on the old domain so that all urls get changed to the new domain name.

example redirects to

It should only take a few lines of code since you are using Linux servers


RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule   "$1"  [R,L]

This will redirect all urls to new domain.
Good advice?
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