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Help! Image SEO for e-commerce?

Hi, I'm working on an e-commerce site to that will be selling jewellery and need a little help with how image SEO works.

  1. When adding a product with multiple photos, can I use the same alt text for each photo?

  2. Does it help to include the product code in the image filename/alt text?

  3. Can the image title be the same as the alt text, or is it not worth including a title?


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Hi Starkj1

1.  You can if you want to be lazy about it.  The truth is you want to use as many different alt-text phrases as         possible.  Each alt text is an opportunity to target another keyword.  To use the same alt-text over and over       results in spamming that phrase.  Not a good idea.

2.  Do people normally search google for that product code, I bet not.  I would name the picture with a                   keyword or phrase.  For example, if you sold roses use "Long-stem-red-roses" for a picture of a red rose.

     Also note I used hypens and not "underscores"....  "long_stem_red_roses".  Underscores just don't                   come across properly.

3.  Again you can be lazy and use the same for both, the title and alt-text.  Understand you are giving up an           opportunity to target an additional keyword.

Good advice?
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