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How to make my e-store appear in someone's search results for particular products?

Customers often search for products. How can I make my online store appear in their search results?

Is there a way for me to seo this?

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Hi SuperChad

You posed two questions, How to rank and how to see this effect.

How can you make your e-store rank on page one you ask.

You will appear in the search results when you understand how a search engine ranks a webpage.  You also have to understand if you search can be considered a "local search query" or "not".   

If the signals from your webpage is considered a "local search" then your IP and physical location on the planet will be used to return search results from the index.  Now you must use local directories, GMB and other tools at your disposal to rank the site locally.

If the signals from your webpage is considered "non local" then you will need to step your game up quite a bit.  You will need to acquire backlinks to rank on page one in any type reasonable time frame.  This is the hard part, getting quality backlinks without getting banned.

PPC Campaigns will also benefit you here. 

Now to address your second question...

Is there any way for you to SEO this process.... the answer to that is "Yes" !  You need to learn how "Google, Bing, and other search engines process webpages and rank them. 

You can get lots of help from this forum.  Just ask specific questions and get targeted and accurate answers to your issues.

This last part will take time. I do mean a lot of time unless you are a quick study.  If time is not a luxury you have then I suggest you "Hire Out" this part of SEO till you learn it.

There are lots of companies that will work for a few hundred a month. 

It's your choice... learn it or hire it out.  There are no shortcuts.

Oh and if you decide to learn it, you're going to need some tools and lots of time to learn it.  You will spend as much on tools and in time as you will on hiring this out.

Good advice?
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