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how to unique description for same or similar products

Hi, everyone, I have a website selling jade products, I have over 600 products, most of them are similar, I can describe my pendants from different ways, but for my bangles, they all looks the same, some of them come from one mother stone, they quite the same except The inner size, The have the same material, same color, Same shapes, I had a search that people said that we needed to make each description unique, it’s very hard for me to do so, English is my second language, The most thing giving me a headache is each product needs fill in one keyword when I filled them in, some descriptions made no sense.

I saw some of my competitors did the same as the developer suggested(focus on the web content and blogs only, products can be the same), they put a form describing the attributes, they all the same except the sizes and weight.but they still ranking.

should I do so? I’m worried google will consider it as duplicated content. any suggestions are appreciated, thanks

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Hello Helen,

I appreciate your concern, however, I would provide the description as the product is even if some descriptions are the same or similar apart from one or two details.

One of my longstanding clients is a wholesale nursery and they have a lot of plants which are almost identical apart from maybe the flower or leaf colour. To describe the variety it is impossible to avoid duplicating some of the plant details. This site has maintained a top page 1 position nationally for about 10 years!

I hope this helps


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