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my site is now in "mobile view" in both desktop and mobile, and i'm losing organic traffic. help!

my site (an ecommerce) used to have different looks on desktop and mobile. but since the start of this month, the mobile view is applied to both desktop and mobile, meaning there isn't any difference when you open the site using mobile or desktop.

and so we are constantly losing organic traffic (as well as money).

a friend of mine informed that the "old" desktop site is still needed to maintain stable organic traffic. but unfortunately they can't recall the specifics. i have searched on google for answers but failed to find any sort of clue.

can you guys help? at the very least, i need any kind of info about the need for desktop site. thank you!

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I cleaned up the duplicate posts.  Now let's play twenty questions.

You say you are losing keyword positions.. meaning you went from 1st page down to position to 22nd and lower.  You think this has to do with having two sites.  

Do you have two actual sites, meaning a m.example.com and example.com ?  If you are then you should be running a "Responsive Site".  A responsive site will adjust for whichever device you are viewing the site from.  Then you will have no need of a separate "Desktop Version" of your site.

How old is the site ?

What is the domain name of the site ?

What are some of the keywords that lost the most positions ?

Without this information I can only guess at what your problems are...

If you don't want to post publicly on the forum then pm me this info and I will examine your site. 

but here's an educated guess...

I would recommend you stop any link building that you're currently engaged in.  Which is what I think your issue may be.

Good advice?
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