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Need Guidance Regarding Home Page Title Tag


I had a website where we provide Ethical h?cking course and Cyber Security courses. We had two locations (Branches) in INDIA (Bangalore and Hyderabad) and we also provide online training. Could any please provide me some suggestions for my home page Title Tag.

Can i write it is as:

Ethical h?cking Course Online | Hyderabad, Bangalore | India | Cyber Security Courses

Please guide me.

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Your page title should describe the page itself while being attractive enough for someone to click on if it's used in google's search results. 

If Google does not trust the page title then it will pick its own from the content on the page. 

The one thing you're making the mistake of is trying to inject keywords into the title which is not really required. You're saying your offering courses online so why does the location matter? 

If you are targeting local people then I could understand your thinking but as this is not location-based then your title makes no sense. 

I would try turning it more into a question or a statement, something along the lines of 

Learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity with our online course.  

Once the page is ranking you should also play around with the wording to see what attracts the most clicks. It is no good having the best page title if nobody clicks your link.

Good advice?
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Thanks for the reply Chedders. Ours is a training institute. We provide cyber security courses and ethical hacking course in 2 locations (Hyderabad and Bangalore) in INDIA. For above mentioned courses recently we started Online training (We are targeting only INDIA Location for online). So can i try something like Learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity courses online India or Learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity courses online | Hyderabad, Bangalore | India Please suggest me.
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The first thing to consider when writing a title is keyword research. Anybody who claims keyword research is dead (Some people do!) are simply wrong.

Now, there's not much in it from a volume perspective, but you'll notice one thing. The CPC. 

This indicates that people using google ads are paying MUCH more for "Cyber Security Course" phrases. Why? Because it obviously converts much better.

Rule of thumb, use your money keyword towards the start, make the user want to click, and include your brand. Only use the word "India" if your course is targetted at Indians. If it isn't, do not use a location in your title.

I'd do something like...

Cyber Security Course (Learn Ethical Hacking) - {brand}  

You can also use our SERP simulator to check what works, and what doesn't:

Good advice?
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Can i try something like Learn Ethical Hacking and Cyber security courses online | [business name]
I wouldn't personally go with that, but you can try whatever you like. Wait four weeks, see what works best for you.
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