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Hey all champ & SEO ANALYST,

I want to ask a question that my all keyword is plummeting, although I have updated my content and making quality links. But there are some spammy links on particular pages that hindering to rank these keywords. You can just visit this store https://www.voucherpro.co.uk/boden.co.uk and can check the on-page & off-page. Should I start to disavow all product page backlinks that are spammy or not? Will this affect to regain of my rank. Plz audit this store and likewise others as well. and give me suggestions.

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Eliminate the spammy backlinks.  You should have never created them in the first place.

You are getting links from completely un-related sites.  I would avoid that in the future as well.

With some hard work you may be able to fix this.. but it will be a slow process.

Good advice?
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