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where can i get free traffic?

I want lots of free traffic whats the best sources?

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Everyone wants free traffic.  It's out there to be had.

In my opinion, you're going about this all wrong.  

So ask yourself a few questions first:

What am I offering ?  Digital Product, Physical Product, Service

How old is my ideal customer ?

Who can afford my offering ?

Where do people that are interested in what I am offering go to on the net to find it ? 

When you're looking for traffic sources, it helps to know this information.

Without knowing your target audience you will likely spend wasted efforts on striving for traffic. 

Go where people who use your product go and promote it there.  Generally there are many free avenues open to you.  Best advice I can give you without more specific informaion.

Hope this helps you a bit.

Good advice?
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