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Why Isn't My Press Release Ranking?

All right super experienced SEO peeps ...

So, I recently began trying to rank something that "should be" a piece of cake. AHREFS shows a KD score of zero ... and I started working with a domain authority of sixty from a free press release site.

However, after putting out content and even after getting back links from some social media accounts (not posts, but actual accounts) pointed to that content ... nada.

No rankings anywhere. Not just "no page one." The content showed up briefly on page 5 and now is literally not showing up at all ... which is frustrating the crap out of me.

The site's been pinged. But still ...

Everything on Google page one has a domain authority of less than 25 and zero backlinks. But THEY'RE ranking and I'm not.

Can anybody tell me what I "may" be doing wrong or what's going on here?

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