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Why my performance doesn't appear in the search console?

So I started with my website some weeks ago, I did everything, and finished the website, wrote a few posts (installed yoast SEO), so then I found out that I had to use the google search console to look at how is my site going. So, I registered the url of my website and entered the in sitemaps the "/sitemap_index.xml". The sitemap was registered and there were discovered urls. So everything was well at this point (April 13), so I waited a few days to see how many impressions, clicks, etcetera my website had. After a few days, there was absolutely nothing! I first thought that maybe it was because my website is relatively new, so I wrote more rich-content blogs and today I entered the google search console and still absolutely nothing!! I'm worried.

I don't know if my website is actually not getting organic search, or if there's something wrong. Well, so I guess that there's something wrong, that is, because I have the google analytics account, and in google analytics there appears that I do have organic search, which is a relief to me. I just want to know what's wrong!, I'm not an expert at this and I'm a bit lost. If someone can help me I would appreciate it so so much!

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Hello David,

If you are seeing activity in Analytics I suspect this is just a settings / connections issue. To save you a mass of concern I would recommend that you don't do a pile of rewrites until you know.

I am not going to suggest that I have an answer for you but I just want to check a couple of things.

Have you linked your Analytics (GA) account to your Search Console (GSC) account? If you have activity showing in GA when linked it will be fair to think activity will show in GSC.

If they are not linked it is just a click of a link.

In GSC have you submitted or re-submitted your pages, particularly following edits and changes.

I hope this helps



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I'd follow Neil/Elyman2's advice, it's spot on.
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