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What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Internet Inc is a web analytics firm of based in California that provides web traffic data of any particular website along with other essential metrics by gathering information from various web browser extensions and toolbars.

Alexa ranking is the company’s most significant project and according to them, the Alexa ranking toolbar has been downloaded more than 10 million times around the world.

The toolbar provides various useful information about the particular website such as from which country the website receive sits most traffic, how popular it is compared to its competitors, etc.

Thanks to the millions to users in the toolbar around the world, Alexa can provide detailed information about the popularity of any given website as well as its competitors. However, things are different with domain authority (visitors of this website also visit these websites, a common proposition).

Alexa provides this information free of cost and even offers periodic reviews of the most popular websites based on language or category. For example, Alexa gives a detailed overview of 100 most popular websites in the English language along with their Traffic Ranking (Alexa Ranking) and related websites if they are available on their database.

How Does Alexa Ranking Work? says that the Traffic ranking of any website is based on the accumulated historical data of three months collected from millions of Alexa toolbar users or bulk Alexa rank checker. Apart from that, they also collect traffic data from other diverse sources and are a combination of estimated page views, and users visit the website.

Alexa ranking is calculated using a proprietary procedure combining a website’s predicted average daily unique visitors and its predicted number of page views of the last three months. Alexa collects its data primarily from its toolbar which is being used by millions of users worldwide.

The Alexa toolbar is available as a browser extension on all popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc and can also be downloaded from its website. Users need to install this extension for Alexa to get all these detailed statistics.

Since not every internet user installs the Alexa toolbar, most people do not give enough importance to Alexa Rank of a website. Even Alexa admits that Alexa’s rank and traffic estimates based on the browsing behavior of the users in their global data panel which is a sample of all internet users around the world.

Why Is Alexa Ranking Important?

There are several reasons why the Alexa ranking of a website is important such as how is the website doing relative to all other websites, from where the website gets its most traffic from, etc.

Here are four key reasons to check your website’s Alexa ranking:

1. You Can check the Popularity of Your Website

As a website owner, you need to know your website’s Alexa rank as it gives you a clearer indication of the popularity of your website on the internet. All these data can help you strategize to improve your website’s traffic to outclass your competitors.

You can also check your website’s Alexa rank to keep track of its overall progress meaning your website gaining popularity or losing it. If its losing popularity then you can take the necessary steps to fix it before being it’s too late.

2. You Can Check the Competitiveness of Your Website

Alexa rank can not only give you an idea of the popularity of your website but can also act as a competitive perception tool. This means with the available data you can perform a competitive analysis of your website to know the amount of traffic your competing website is attracting.

You can also compare and contrast with one of your major competitors to know how your website stacks up against the competing website in terms of popularity on the internet.

3. You Can Perform a Who-Is-Who Analysis

Since Alexa categorizes websites in three segments – Country, Category, and Global. With Country and Category rankings you can check “who-is-who” in a particular country or category based on the most viewed websites in that country or category.

You can also check how your website and your competitors rank in every country or category around the world.

4. You Can Perform a Marketing Analysis

If you are an advertiser, then the Alexa rank can give you a better idea about the popularity of a website. By checking the Alexa rank you have a clear idea of whether or not to target your ads on that website along with its cost.

Alexa ranking is one of the metrics advertisers take into consideration in determining a website’s marketing potential.

About Alexa Rank Checker by SEO Chat

Alexa rank checker by SEO Chat is a free online tool that allows users to check a website’s current location in the Alexa ranking system.

This online tool is developed by experienced professionals who know every minute details of web analytics and its functioning. This tool will deliver accurate and convenient results gathered from Alexa’s web engines.

Alexa rank checker by SEO Chat will give you the following data:

· Global Rank: The website’s rank is analyzed relative to every other website in the world.

· User Reach: The number of different people visits the website according to Alexa toolbar data.

· Country Rank: The website’s rank in a particular country.

· Country: The country from which the website gets its most visitors.

· Change: Any change in the ranking of the website, whether improved or declined.

How to Use Alexa Rank Checker

The Alexa rank checker by SEO Chat is extremely convenient to use as well as intuitive. To use this online tool, just o through the following steps:

Step 1: Enter the website URL’s you want to check at the specified area by up to 5 websites at once with each domain in different lines. The system will then check all the domain names you entered in no time.

Step 2: Then click the Submit button available below the specified area.

Finally, the system will show you the rankings of your desired websites along with the elements mentioned above.

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