Keyword Density Checker

Optimize your keyword density so that Google and Bing adore your content. Humans and search engines don't like keyword stuffing, make sure your content is of a high quality with our easy to use tool.

About our Keyword Density Calculator

We've created an easy to use keyword density analysis tool.

But why?

Although search engines like and Bing and Google have moved on from keyword density being a strong ranking signal due to the improvement in the understanding natural language from updates like BERT and RankBrain, keyword density still has a role to play in improving your content. How? As a quality signal.

What is the perfect keyword density in 2024?

Like everything in SEO, unfortunately... "it depends". Depending on the topic, the tone of the content, and many more factors. In this day and age, it's advisable to write as naturally as possible - you simply cannot go wrong with this approach!

If you have any questions, why not ask our SEO forum about the keyword density topic?

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