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Why we made a Meta Tag Generator

Meta tag is one of the basic building blocks of search engine optimization. Every webmaster who wants to rank his websites on google must have a good understanding of how meta tags work. It is very crucial to know how meta tags impact the page rank of your website. It can be very useful for your search engine optmization efforts if they are configured properly.

Now, let's look at the history of meta tags. Meta tags have been around for a very long time, It is basically a tool to help search engine spiders figure out what your site is all about at first glance. They are very crucial in search engine history and were once considered a huge factor in search engine ranking. However, after a while, people started abusing meta tags to gain an unfair advantage on the SERP (search engine results pages) and Google started to put less weightage on meta tags. Now, does that mean meta tags are no longer needed? This is simply not true because search engine still needs a mechanism to identify your site.

Meta tags are codes that are hidden on your webpages. It is only visible to search engine spiders and not your regular readers. To put it in simplistic terms, it is a way of concealing certain words on your webpages for the search engine. The search engine will still need to read your site's meta tags to get a general idea of what your website is all about and what are the keywords that you are trying to rank for. In the past, there are many unscrupulous webmasters who purposely stuff their meta tags with keywords or put in descriptions that are unrelated to the actual content of the site. However, the practice is no longer feasible nowadays becaise Google has evolved to give less attention to keyword density beyond certain point and the algorithm is also well trained to spot inconsistencies between the content and its meta tags.

These are the three important components of meta tags that you have to get it right. The first is the title. Your title is very important because it is the first thing that shows up in the search engine. You need to make sure that your title is relevant to what your readers are looking for. The second item is the meta description tags. This is where you tell the seach engine in a few words what your site is about. It must be concise because search engines do not read description tags in entirety. The last component is your keywords. This is the most important part as you tell the search engine what keywords you want to rank for.

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