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All You Should Know About the SEOChat Word Counter Tool

Our Word Counter Tool is a free tool available online to calculate and count words in text content. Along with counting the words, this online word count tool can also help in calculating the total number of letters or characters, paragraphs, and sentences in the text you want to upload in an application. This word count tool can help in calculating the unlimited numbers of characters and words.

Importance of word count

While writing the text for advertising, publishing, legal procedures and academic purposes the metrics of word count is important. You can determine the number of words required for a text by using this word count tool. You can use word counter to check whether you have exceeded the limit of words required or still have to add more words to the text written for a social media platform or app as well as a Meta description for Google.

You have to write different types of texts with different numbers of words while writing it for a blog, a website, a corporate document or an eBook. Certain platforms like banner ads for Facebook or ads for Google AdWords search you have to write a limited number of words or characters so that it can be read easily and understood by the readers quickly. For this reason, it is important to use a word counting tool so that you can provide text according to the needs of the platforms of social media.

The number of characters required by different popular platforms of social media may include:
  • Up to 280 characters by Twitter
  • Up to 8,000 characters for comments and up to 63,000 characters for posts created for Facebook
  • Up to 2200 characters for caption and up to 30 characters for the hashtag on Instagram
  • Up to 50 to 60 characters in the Title of Google's SERP. This is now based on Pixel width, not characters. Try our Google SERP Simulator to learn more.

How higher word count can improve rankings?

Studies have shown that word count can sometimes play an important role in improving rankings if you are writing content for SEO. Usually, long articles, containing words from 1,500 to 2,000, are written for the content of most of the high ranking websites appearing on the first page of the SERPs. Search Engine Land also confirm this.

The content containing long articles is considered the best for the purpose of SEO because they can remain evergreen for a longer time than the content based on the viral content of current trends. Moreover, long articles are considered more authentic and reliable as the writer has to insert valuable information and data in them. Furthermore, your content can be linked to and shared with other websites, or have backlinks from other websites due to its good quality. All these things can help in improving the ranking of your website of search engine result pages.

In this situation, an online word counter can enable you to ensure that you have met the minimum requirement of words for SEO or not. Though having a correct number of words in an article does not guarantee its good ranking but it can be helpful for your website later on.

How to use the SEOChat word counter tool?

It is extremely easy to use SEOChat word counter tool and get results immediately. After calculating it will show you the number of characters, words, paragraphs, and sentences you have written in your content.

Along with counting words for PDF files, Google Docs, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and Adobe InDesign this word counter tool can also work as a counting tool for characters. In order to count the number of words or characters in a piece of text, you will have to copy it from its file or website and paste it in the input box of this word counter tool.

The tool will calculate the number of words in the entire content as well as in a particular paragraph as per your requirement. It can calculate an unlimited number of words and characters within a few seconds. It can also help you to know the number of words you have to write more to meet the requirement of the blog you are working for. Any limit for the number of words to be counted is not set by this word counter.

In this way, SEOChat word counter tool is a free to use tool that can be used to calculate an unlimited number of words or characters written in a piece of text.

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