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Compressing images

I had a audit ran on my site and it said my images where not compressed. Not too sure how to go about this. Is there any good tools out there that I can bulk compress them so I can clear the errors showing in this audit.

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Hi Bev, there's a tool called FileOptimizer which I personally love. 

You simply select a folder, and it'll compress every image within that folder. It's open source, so free for everybody to use. But the drawback of this, is that it looks a bit dated -- but for your needs I'm sure it'll be just fine. 

Look here:

Also note: You should be scaling your images too, search Google for "GTMetrix", they have a tool which can help with scaling.

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Thank you I will give that a go. I have over 1,000 images so was dreading the thought of having to do each one manually. Yes the audit also mentioned scaling images but was not sure how you do that as it has to fit mobile and desktop or do you have 2 versions depending on the device.
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One of my goto tools is

This tool you point at a page and it gives you the best image type be it jpeg, png etc along with .webp images if you're going that route. 

As you said you have over a 1,000 images to do then Matt's reply is maybe a better solution as this you do 1 page at a time but its really good at getting the images to the smallest possible size. 

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Here is a list of image optimizers that may help:






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These are really helpful! Thanks for sharing!
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