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Businesses and the pandemic

Hello all, I have a client whose business is not related to health, parenting, education, nor anything that is "fun" yet she would like me to write a blog post: Fun things to do while you are stuck at home.

I feel this will be harmful to her site's authority and have no impact, if not a negative impact, on SERP. Am I incorrect?

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I have never seen a situation where a blog was useless when done properly.

You have said what the site is not about. That really doesn't help in answering your question. 

A blog doesn't have to be fun to help.  "Fun" has nothing to due with a blog being useful or not  A blog needs to provide useful information that people are looking for.  If it does that then it's useful.

SEO is not based on it being "fun".  SEO isn't based on feelings period, it is based on data analysis. Most sites I work on are no fun at all, they require work to reach page 1.  

If you're not basing your decisions on analysis, then yes, you're incorrect.

Good advice?
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Thank you. Yes, I agree that neither the business nor the blog need to be "fun," so to speak, but relevant. I will reconsider. I appreciate your insight.
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