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Using multiple domains (301s)

I have a site that has been in production for 3 years.  I purchased another domain which I believe much better defines my business but my original domain is spread around a lot of sites (Angie's List, etc.).  So I set up my new domain as a 301 to my original domain.  First, is this kosher with Google?

With a little work, I can change the code of my original site to work with my new domain.  This would mean that I would change my original domain to be a 301 and my new domain would be the "production" domain.  Do you think this is wise?

The reason that the change might be good is that the new domain text is buried in much of the verbiage on the site.  In other words, the new domain represents the site better than what is presently the production domain name.


Thanks in advance.....

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I hate to use the default SEO answer of "it depends" but it does depend a little bit here.

I general it is not advised to change your domain for a keyword specific domain if you have a well established domain with good rankings. Its not totally out of the question to do, just generally it is not advised.

However if you don't have a strong domain with good rankings then now would be the time to 301 redirect the domain to your new more appropriate domain.

A 301 is the correct thing to do. Toggling back and forth between domains is not good, so it makes sense to pick one and stick with it. 

I hope that helps.

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The other thing to remember is to check out the new domain. If the domain has been miss-used in the past then you could see any ranks you have nose dive. 

There are a lot of domains out there for sale, some have come out of link wheels, PBN etc so have already been flagged by Google as a spam website. 

Proceed with caution would be my advise. 

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