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Comparing seo style of two websites in my niche.

I would like to understand how the following websites are doing their seo, what’s the approach they are adopting and how are they able to rank so well for so many keywords 



i would also like to understand the difference between seo methods which was followed in each case.

could anyone please help me?

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I went to take a cursory look at this and get an access denied error on buyacsgosmurf.com - saying its using software to protect its self from attacks.

However, I see a lot more referring domains to G2g.com so without any further analysis that is fairly clearly the reason. Its roughly 6x more.

To get a deeper understanding of the different techniques this requires a thorough competitive assessment.

Good advice?
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I'm sure somebody might help, but this task is far too time-consuming to do for free. I'd be happy to do it for you, if you hired me, haha. But without hiring, my advice would be this: focus on your own website, focus on doing things well, & everything will come together. There's really no need to monitor competitors SEO tactics. 

Good advice?
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I mean I don’t expect a very detailed answer but just one word answer to know what they are doing. I don’t understand how g2g ranks insanely well on every game like that without good on page seo + I don’t see many back links
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