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SEO Strategy for vacation destination website


Does anyone have a strategy or any advice on building search rankings for a website for a vacation travel destination? Example, a Caribbean vacation villa. Although located in the Islands, almost all customers will come from the USA. Therefore the site needs to reach its target clients.

Local SEO is important to have obviously but what strategies other than geo-targeted paid SEM should one use to gain organic exposure to customers in another country?

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Like any other business or domain, you have to follow some common SEO strategies, including off-page and on-page content maintaining the best quality, optimizing your website with relevant keywords, posting regularly, your website should be easy to navigate.

As this is a website about vacations, make sure that you have official social media pages on Facebook and Instagram as people prefer social media portals to explore new destinations and resorts. Post there regularly and link the pages to your website.

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Thanks for shearing this info.
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Hi  Jw

Create your base site in English.  Get it completely designed and laid out.

Now for each country you want to target use sub-folders and translate the pages for each country.  This will not be duplicate content.

Now you can target each area locally and internationally at the same time.  Read up on the use of href lang tags and how to use them.

To explain.. the sub folders with href lang tags does the international targeting and you can then perform more local seo for the inner page.

Create a GMB for the primary office and it's location.

Good Luck !  

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  • If your website isn't mobile-friendly, get a move on to fix that! ...
  • Enhance your inbound link profile. ...
  • Kick up your keyword strategy. ...
  • Create destination landing pages. ...
  • Make sure your website's images are more than just a pretty face.
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