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ways of increase my blogger visitors

hi, I am news so kindy guide me

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Getting organic traffic on your new blog will definitely take time but by promoting your blog effectively on other platforms you can bring good referral & social traffic to your blog, Here are the ways i prefer to promote new blogs:

  • Share it on Twitter:

Start promoting your blog on Twitter, don't forget to use #tags related to your blog so people who are searching with specific tag can find your blog easily.

  •  Promote through Quora:

I hope you had heard about Quora, actually it is one of the best ways to get referral traffic, all you have to do is to find questions related to your topic, answer them & add a link to your blog.

  • Promote it on Reddit:

Its same like Quora, Reddit is also a good way to get referral traffic, search for related subreddits, give answers to questions & add link of your blog.

  •  Promote on relevant forums:

Promoting blog on Forums are also a good way to get referral traffic, all you have to do is find forums related to your topic and mention your blog there.Well, for this you can use search queries in Google search, for example, to find forums related to branding services you can use this query "inurl:forum intitle:branding services", by doing this Google will show all the forums that have a tread on CPQ.I hope these ways would help you to promote your blog and increase your visitors too.If you need to know about link building you can check the link :

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