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Amazon question EAN codes

I know this is not strictly a SEO question but I figure you guys build a lot of websites and might know the answer. If I am not allowed to ask this question please delete it.

I am thinking of posting some of my products for sale on amazon, however they say I need to provide a EAN number, I have tried searching and found they can cost £100 each, Is this really the case as I do a lot of variants and it seems I need a EAN code for each one, its going to cost thousands to get started so wondering if anyone knew of a cheaper method.

Sorry again if this is not allowed.

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Ha Ha the old EAN problem. 

Yes it is an issue with amazon but I dont know where you have been looking but £100 per EAN code is silly. Yes you can register to generate your own codes which is quite expensive or you can buy unique codes of many sellers, Here is an example for a seller on eBay 


1,000 codes from these guys will cost you currently around £4 

Hope that helps

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