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Archive pages ranking

hi there.  I wonder if someone could help me understand why Google has ranked some of my pages reasonably high and now decides to demote them and only rank the archive page for the specific keyword that I used to rank for?  I’ve turned off indexing for Archive pages in Yoast SEO but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.  Any ideas?  Steve

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The problem is google will have already indexed them, you can request noindex but its a request only once its in. 

You are better off building links within your site to point to the pages you do want indexed and removing any that point to the old pages. 

You can use screaming frog and if you have less than 500 pages it will crawl your whole site for free. There you will be able to see how many links are going to each page. 

If the pages are of no value anymore then you could think about removing them. 

Good advice?
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