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Client Wants a New Domain

Hello everyone. My client has been an SEO client for over 3 years, and suddenly one of the partners of the firm is leaving, so he wants to remove that partner's name from the domain. 

So it's changing from to

My position is very straight forward: I want to recommend against the new domain, and recommend to him that he keep his domain because otherwise he will lose all his traffic - even with 301 redirects. 

Is there anything I'm forgetting? Is there any way for him to keep all his traffic even with a new domain?

Thanks in advance.

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This can be a bigger job than a lot of people realise, You should not lose any traffic assuming you do everything correctly. 301 every page to the corresponding page on the new domain. Track down every reference within the site including assets and make sure they all point to the new domain. Make sure all the canonical tags are pointing to the new domain. regenerate any sitemaps you may have etc.

Once everything is in place I would run screaming frog across the site to confirm every reference is removed. 

The one danger you have is creating redirect chains. Your new site should not contain any 301 redirects, only your old site and they should goto the final page. If all this is done then traffic will flow and any traffic lose will bounce back over the coming weeks, it can take time though. 

Good advice?
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