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google search result hidden my two keywords in search results

hi. i detect a major problem in google search results. i have a product in my website that hidden a while from search results. i detect the problem belongs to two keywords of my product. '??????? ????' and '??????? ??? ????'. my site disappeared from results when i search those keywords but when i connect a another location by vpn i can see my website with the same search result in page one of google. i also checked bing and yahoo search engines but they have no problem with those keywords or my ip address. my page appearing with other results '?? ????' or '??????? ???? ??????'
please help me fix this problem.

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Not sure I understand exactly what your question is.

I think more detail and context is needed, perhaps screen shots or the actual Google searches and IP / locations where the problem is.

Is this a personalized search issue? Are your settings preventing certain terms from being searched?

Good advice?
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