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How to manage different URLs?

Hello community members, I'm running a Shopify website for a client. Shopify is easy than WordPress but I'm facing an issue that I want to ask from experts. If we have different URLs of products, does it affect google ranking?


Suppose If we open a product from the homepage the URL is like:


But when we open a product from a collection, the URL is different


So as you can see that the two URLs are different. Which URL will Google Index? The product is the same but the URL is different and appearing two times. I'm confused after seeing this. I have seen other Shopify websites that their URL is the same even if we open from any collection.


Like if you open this website timetoshade.com, you can see by opening any product from this website. The URL is the same as everywhere. I don't know if they are using any plugin or anything else. Please help me if anyone knows about this.


Need your suggestions that what should I do, need your valuable suggestions.

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Both pages have the same canonical tag which tells google they are the same page. 

I agree it would be nice to have the same URL but in reality, it is not doing you any harm.

Good advice?
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