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How to update my Fiverr Profile description with SEO optimization?

Hello everyone,

I hope all of the SEOCHAT lovers are fine and happy. I want to ask you how to write a good profile description at Fiverr that optimize with SEO. Please take a minute to review my profile description to let me know your suggestion.

I will be thankful to you if you consider my request to review my description with some pro tips.

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The first thing to consider - are you writing in good English? Now, I know you aren't a native speaker, so this is understandable, but it wouldn't hurt to run it through Grammarly.

As you can see, there are loads of basic errors.

Step two, possibly use something like this:
I wouldn't use this, but for an SEO newbie it might be a nice tool to use. If it's not free (not 100% sure) there are a few free content optimization tools available on the web.

I would suggest link building, but right now I'd just focus on the basics. Both steps above will help you with this.

ps- FYI, A friend and I did a two-day audit on Fiverr. Their SEO is shocking. Take WWW. from your link and it redirects to the wrong page. Major facepalm. 

Good luck though, their authority in general should make the page rank!

Good advice?
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