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I keep reading about page rank, how can I find out what my page rank is. Is it just google who use this or does bing also have access to it.

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I am afraid google killed off the public view of PageRank back in 2016 I believe. To start with they just stopped updating it on a toolbar extension you could freely download. Shortly after that everyone went to 0. 

It was a useful figure to see how you was progressing and it reported a whole number from 0 - 10  but internally they used it at a much finer scale. 

Most people involved in SEO strongly believe google still use this ranking system. Although with their many updates it does appear its importance may be dimissing. 

The short answer is you cannot get access to your PR score any more although there are many websites out there that attempt to mimic this system. The only issue with these are they don't have access to all the data so a website could get rid of a load of links to their website via the disavow tool in search console. This would affect the PR score and in turn any outbound links would also be adjusted. just 1 site using the disavow tool could alter many websites further down the line which sites such as Moz with the DA / PA scoring system would not be able to see. 

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