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I am Trying To Create a unique price comparison website!

So i am a crypto enthusiast, and currently running a website that provides real time updates about cryptocurrencies and exchanges. My livelihood depends on it. One day i was thinking about creating something ( In This Lockdown, all i got is time to rethink) that will affect lives around me. 

so i was using my smartphone to order something from amazon cse i cant go to market to purchase day to day essentials. Suddenly my smartphone crashed, what to do? cse u cant repair it, cant go to service centers, so opened my laptop to order a smartphone. I went through 10-15 websites, in every websites there is a different price for that smartphone. It took 30 minutes to figureout from where i can purchase that particular smartphone at less. 

Something clicked on my mind and i created a price comparison website hours later, then after doing some research i got to know that there are 100's of websites that are providing the price comparison option, some of them are even reviewing the products. 

So i thought what can i do to outrank them?, so i created few more options, like price drop alerts, Renewed phones, Refurbished phones, latest comparison on website. 

5 days later i thought maybe adding other products than smartphone would help, so added other products as well (smartwatches, cameras, tvs, ac's clothings, footwear etc..) 

I am doing all i am capable of, just want to know what else can i do to rank my website? i am thinking of creating backlinks, buying traffic & Social Media signals.

What are your thoughts? since i am new here i dont know about the forum rules, please ignore any mistakes.

Link To My Website Is Here CompareBuy.Online

Please help. Your suggestions would be great!


Karan Rawat

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Creating a good quality link will help you to rank your website in search engines. Also analyze your competitors websites and add in your website what you think lacks in them. If you need any help in search engine optimization you can visit my page  https://reyesreneepatricia.wixsite.com/caryatidvaph

Good advice?
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