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I am Trying To Create a unique price comparison website!

So i am a crypto enthusiast, and currently running a website that provides real time updates about cryptocurrencies and exchanges. My livelihood depends on it. One day i was thinking about creating something ( In This Lockdown, all i got is time to rethink) that will affect lives around me. 

so i was using my smartphone to order something from amazon cse i cant go to market to purchase day to day essentials. Suddenly my smartphone crashed, what to do? cse u cant repair it, cant go to service centers, so opened my laptop to order a smartphone. I went through 10-15 websites, in every websites there is a different price for that smartphone. It took 30 minutes to figureout from where i can purchase that particular smartphone at less. 

Something clicked on my mind and i created a price comparison website hours later, then after doing some research i got to know that there are 100's of websites that are providing the price comparison option, some of them are even reviewing the products. 

So i thought what can i do to outrank them?, so i created few more options, like price drop alerts, Renewed phones, Refurbished phones, latest comparison on website. 

5 days later i thought maybe adding other products than smartphone would help, so added other products as well (smartwatches, cameras, tvs, ac's clothings, footwear etc..) 

I am doing all i am capable of, just want to know what else can i do to rank my website? i am thinking of creating backlinks, buying traffic & Social Media signals.

What are your thoughts? since i am new here i dont know about the forum rules, please ignore any mistakes.

Link To My Website Is Here CompareBuy.Online

Please help. Your suggestions would be great!


Karan Rawat

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