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In what circumstances we need to use 301 redirect?

Hi, do i need to apply 301 redirect every time i make changes in the url of my web page?  

Means when i optimize my page with different keyword and add that keyword in the slug ( as per the Yoast SEO guidelines- we have to add keyword in the slug also), it will change my url.

For example-

My old url-

My new url-

In such cases what exactly do i need to do so that my seo value of that page should not get affected?

what I generally do is- i add my new url in the "url inspection" in Google Search console and add it for indexing. Is it the right way or not? Please help. Thanks. 

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Changing URL of a page is something you should only do as a last resort. Think carefully before making a post live. If that is too late then you now have to track down any links to that page, with internally or externally and where possible get them changed as well. The 301 redirect is only really there once you have run out of ways to get all the links changed and some webmasters refuse or ignore you. 

If you have caught your error early and there are no external links to the page then you can just change it and over time google will forget the old page.

There is no requirement to use the URL inspection to inform them of the new page, they will find it anyway when crawling your site assuming you have built internal links to the page. I agree if you want to speed up this process then it won't harm your site by submitting it but don't expect magic results by doing so.  

The URL though is a tiny part of SEO, changing the URL to suit your current thinking I doubt will have any major effect. You will also need to change the page title and content really. But then if it's all different then really it should be a new page surely. 

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Thanks for the valuable suggestion. I am not changing URLs every now and then, but did change this particular page's URL (https// Please suggest me what to do in this particular case? Am i missing to do something as per the SEO perspective?
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301 redirection is used under the following situations:

  1. When moving to HTTPS
  2. When you have broken pages
  3. When your page is getting redesigned/ under construction.
  4. Fixing of duplicate content or other issues.
  5. When you are deleting content or other irrelevant content.
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