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Its cold out there - why can't I see my website on Google

Hello all - I am dumber than dumb it would appear! Can anyone tell me why I cannot see my site  vanhireleeds.com online in google?

Is there a problem with the site can google not see it?

Please help if you can, 

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Hi kai1966

I seen your request for help and took a look.

The good news is Google can see your site very well.  Here let me show you.

That's about all the good news I have for you.  The rest is not so good, actually it's bad and needs immediate attention.

This is the first thing I saw when I went and looked at your site.

A warning stating....

Warning your connection is not private.

Then a big blue button  >>> BACK TO SAFTY <<<

The site is not setup for https.  Not good and people will not trust your site.
Google also sees this and your site will not rank as well as it could have.  You get a boost if using https,
Just a little bit.

In fact Chrome and other browsers will show the site is "NOT SECURE" in the address bar.    This will send traffic to other sites. This is completely under your control.

You also have set the canonical url to be the http version. Again, fix this. 


Now I am going to address your content.  First I want to say " I do not speak The Queen's English, but your content is not correctly written,  You are targeting Leeds, where they do speak The Queen's English,  your site needs its content to reflect that.    

It isn't written for the audience you're targeting. It is written with search engines in mind.  Aside from the three very small paragraphs of text, ranging from 23 words to 30 words, then the rest of your content is boilerplate book now links.

I am sorry, I am not trying to be rude, mean, just being honest.

One of your primary keywords is van hire, just as your domain name.

When you take in to account all of the above information...

  • http insecure site
  • Thin, extremely poor content.  The content shows forced
    keyword usage.  It is written for search engines.  
  • Exact Match Domain / Exact Match Keyword.
  • You still have original WP Hello Blog from Feb 2018
    also completely as it was on installation.

You're also likely suffering from among other things,  an EMD Penalty. 
It will keep your site from ranking.

I suggest your fix the technical issues with your site so it uses https first.

Then you want to hire a content writer, someone who
naturally speaks and writes "The Queen's English".

Create no less than Perfect Content on your site.

You have a hard road ahead of you.

Go read this for a better understanding..

Good advice?
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I am so sorry for my Tardy response and please let me say a big thank you for your advise, it is greatly appreciated.
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I have to agree with KOS here, the most important quick fix is to get the site using HTTPS. 

Luckily that is not a huge job, There are others but I personally recommend using https://www.cloudflare.com/

They allow you to create a free account, issue you with a certificate (Free) and on top of this will cache your site speeding it up for your customers (and google).

Once that is done then pop over to Grammarly and install their browser extension which will help avoid any grammar errors KOS has mentioned.  I hate people potting out I missed a comma or something after spending hours on a page, however, Google does really respect a well-written site and content so it is worth the effort. 

I would then look at improve a few things on your site.

Good advice?
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Cheddars and thank you as well, wonderful advice and greatly appreciated - Thank you.
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