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Website SERPs dropped after core update June-July 2021

Hello everyone,


After the latest Google updates June-July 2021 my website - -  has got affected and lost the first position for many keywords.


The website is build using the Avada theme and after recent optimization and tweaks, I have managed to get good results in terms of speed and recently submitted affected URLs to pass Core Web Vitals and haven't completed the 28 days yet. 


The sad part is all competitor websites that run slow with less DA & PA are now ahead. 


This actually keeps fluctuating very often it was stable few months ago.


I would really like some suggestions to get the rankings back on track.




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Well I would say just from a cursory look, you're keyword stuffing "Car Wreckers".

The content doesn't read well.  Why, because it is keyword stuffed.

Good advice?
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