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What are the best resources to keep up to date with SEO?

I currently use Backlinko, Search Engine Journal, Seroundtable. What good SEO resources do you use to keep up to date?

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7 tools to help you stay up to date with SEO changes.
  • Google Webmaster YouTube Channel
  • Moz' Google Algorithm Change History
  • Local SEO Changes
  • SEO Patents
  • Google or HubSpot Analytics
  • Google Search Console (aka Google Webmaster tools)
  • Moz's Feature Graph

Best and Popular Techniques are available only in paid SEO books.

Now, Those paid books are " free to download " on the website called Dmshelter.

I will provide a link for the website ..

This website doing a social service.

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Thanks, Sir For letting me know about this free ebook site
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I follow Marrie Haynes, Brian Dean and Ryan Stewart.

This forum.

Google webmaster central

Google search liaison twitter account

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Seriously, I never find any update in SEO techniques in my last 12 yr, we are still working for organic listing and it depends more on external referrals than anything else 😀 and if you want to learn how to do this then stick around or follow above suggestions

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