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Backlink Indexing in Google

On Apr 10, 2020 I created a blog on blogspot and make a new post. But just after 10-15 min due to some reasons I deleted that blog and created a new one also on 10th Apr. However, the content is same in both posts but first was deleted. My content is unique. Let' say first blog was which was deleted and the new one is Now the problem is has been indexed however when i click on the link of on serp it shows message the blog has been removed. But the is not indexed in google although it was created on the same day.

Similarly, I did web 2.0 submission on weebly on 24 Apr, 2020. My url for example is The weebly link has also not been indexed in google till now.

In both platforms I used my  focus keyword 1-2 times and content is 500 words. I make hyperlink on my focus keywords to targer url in both platforms.

Pls advice how to index url's of both platforms in google. 

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Your big mistake was doing the deletion. Blogspot is owned by google so it would stand to reason as you make a post on that platform google knows about it and will grab a copy for indexing. Then you removed it and posted the same content under a different URL. Google would have also seen the but the content was the same as the previous post so it has ignored it. 

You will have to now wait for google to detect you have removed that old post so that will not ignore the new one. 

If you dont want to wait for this to happen I believe you can setup a custom redirect within Blogspot, You should redirect the deleted post to the new one. I have found this to explain how to do it for you.

Good advice?
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