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Backlinks from Social Bookmarks sites

How does Google rank backlinks from Social Bookmarks sites with DA that is greater than your sites' DA? 

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Google ranks all sites the same way. 

DA makes no difference in the ranking process on Google's search engine.

Let me try to explain this to you. 

First off, all sites have a "DA" ranking.  This is MOZ's metric and how MOZ ranks all websites.  Google doesn't use "DA" in any of it's ranking algorithms.  Google could care less about DA.

Google ranks the value of all links with its' own proprietary formula and other signals.  PR is rather a well know formula,,,

This is the original formula, and rest assured, it has changed over the years from everyone trying to game it.

The Following is an excerpt from shoutmeloud

Is Google still using PageRank?

Does Google still use PageRank? Yes, Google does still uses PageRank. While it may not be a metric that website owners have access to, it is still used in their algorithms. A tweet by John Mueller, a Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, solidifies that PageRank is still used as a ranking signal

.Jun 9, 2021

Then we also have this, another tweet from a year earlier ...

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