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Branded Domain Name vs EMD

Hey there,

I was wondering what the best practise for this scenario is:

My Website is currently ranking with a  [Exact Match Domain Name]

and the Branded Domain Name is just a 301 redirect to

to EMD

- Was wondering what to put into Citations EMD or Brand Domain?A

-  how to optimize for my Brand Name which people are also searching for. Optimize Homepage for Brand Name?

Worse sites rank before me in Map pack but everything else I dominate.

Im currently ranking pretty well besides Map Pack ( most important tho) and Im afraid to make big changes. Any Ideas?

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It is your content causing you to rank for the keywords and not the domain name. 

You need to decide which one will represent you best in the future. If its the band name version then you need to swap as soon as possible. The reason I say that is because you always see a bit of a dip when changing domains. If the 301 redirects are done correctly it can be quite seamless though.

Good advice?
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