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Do SEO updates change immediately?


I've been making several changes to my SEO on y website.. but when I go to search it the changes aren't made. How long does it take to actually see the changes?



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Sorry to say you're expecting to much too soon. 

Typically the process works sorta works like this.. ( I am just glossing over it )

Google scans your site.

Submits the scan to the index.

Now understand this .. It takes time for the information to be included in the index.  It doesn't happen when the site is crawled. It is queued up and for inclusion in the index.  So how long does it take ?? It doesn't happen overnight.  As a general rule of thumb... it takes 2 to 8 weeks for this to occur. 

BTW the more important the site.. the faster it occurs....

Now you may as why ... 

You do know there are "Over 100 Billion Websites" in Googles index.  So it does take some time. 

Depending on how important Google thinks your site is will determine when the changes get done.  If your site was as important as say.. the New York Times  then you changes would be indexed in a matter of hours.

Typically you should wait at least 2 weeks to see any changes.

Good advice?
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