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Facing Ranking Problem

I have a big question in my mind; I hope someone will help me with this. 

I am trying to rank my client's website for keyword parallel kitchen designs. The client's name is Saviesa, and the page URL is  < snip removed active link >


My average SERP ranking is six, and the question I have that is I have more backlinks than my competitors also have; the page is well optimized. I mean, on-page SEO score is also showing good than why I'm not ranking on the top, i.e. 1st position?  
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1.  You do understand that this forum is for SEO and not link building.  Meaning I removed your attempt at a backlink.

That link you posted here has absolutely no business being posted here, forum posting as such, ( meaning there is no logical reason why a link to a remodeling business on an seo forum they are unrelated.  Google knows this too !!!

So that link infringes upon the quality of this site, so I took it down.

If this is typical of your methods to get backlinks then I know your problem.

You have crappy backlinks when compared to the quality of your competitors backlinks. 

Go to Backlinko.com learn from them... 

Good advice?
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