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Feedback on site structure


Hi everyone,

I am currently setting up my own website. I am a psychologist and I want to start my own business offering online therapy/coaching to clients all over the world.

I want my site to be more than just a platform for my coaching products however, I want to also post articles about different self-development topics.

The biggest reason why I would like some advice is because I am unsure of how to structure my articles section. This is the site structure I had in my mind: (overview of latest articles of all categories) (overview of latest articles about relationships) (overview of latest articles about personal growth (overview of latest articles about personal growth) (etc.)

Example or article URL (speaks for itself) (speaks for itself) (explanation about different coaching/therapy options (speaks for itself)

Any feedback on this site structure (especially the articles section)?

Thank you all!

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There is nothing wrong with the structure you have in mind. It also allows for subcategories should that be required going forward. 

You will, however, need to think about the page. I would assume you're going to show a list of articles available somehow. 

This type of structure allows for the use of breadcrumbs which is good for the user and also provides a good internal link structure, i.e. the home page getting the most links then the articles page then the articles themselves. To me that is exactly how it should be done.

The other links you mention i.e. about faq, etc should be footer links so within the boilerplate area. I would also include a privacy statement page. This helps in creditability. 

Good advice?
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Thank you for your comment chedders. Yes I was thinking of designing my page in a way that shows the latest articles being posted. I am still kind of on the fence on how to do this though. One option is to simply have my page be a collection of all pages (independent or article category) simply ordered based on uploade date (latest articles on first page oldest articles on last page). Ugh what is the technical term again for designing an archive like this:P? Important to note here is that with this design all latest articles of all article categories will be mixed INDEPENDENT OF ARTICLE CATEGORY. If I were to go with this design it is important both for the user and for the internal linking of my domain to still link to the article category pages as well on my page . I could do this by visibly showing the different article categories (with links to obviously) above the actual articles and my adding article categories tags underneath the titles of the articles containing the article category they belong to. Does this make sense? Thanks again!
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Let me add this small bit of advice. 

On your about page you need to heavily include content concerning your "Credentials, Degrees".  You may even want to dedicate a page for this.

YMYL sites need to have a lot of authority and you need to post your medical credentials.  Otherwise Google will not give your site due consideration.

Good advice?
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Thank you for your reply. Yes this is also something I am kind of on the fence about. I am not sure if I want to attach my real name to my website as I feel dat some of the things I write about are rather controversional for specific rather millitant ideologues on the internet...
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I think the sub-category pattern for articles is a great idea. It will be easier and convenient for users to search easily for what they are looking for. Plus, as the owner, you can keep your website organized and clutter-free. Talking about "About US" page, make sure that you include information about therapies and why it's important equally. Also, your FAQs should cover all the primary concerns of clients. 

Good advice?
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