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Google is turning into a 100% mobile-first index. Good move?

Personally, I think this is great news. There are still some dinosaur websites out there ranking well on desktop, it'll filter out all the s.... so to speak. Thoughts? 

Oh also, here is the official release:

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I think its a good and natural progression.

A responsive site should work well on all viewport sizes - also did you know - Google rendering doesn't do infinite scroll it just has a really deep viewport. So a really long page might not fully render.

Good advice?
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Would be interesting to know how long their viewport is, this would help know what google would see when crawling. I noticed this effect on an eCommerce site I wrote where the top x products would get indexed but as they were also within the scroll area it was not clear where the cut off is. I must run some tests to determine how far down the page they actually read.
Bit of a clue here by John Mueller of Google via twitter. Googlebot renders with a very tall viewport, which skews some CSS (often images). Try in Chrome dev-tools, eg 9000px high viewport.
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