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How can I get an eye on my website?

My website is Subwoofer related. It's been on the second page for a long time. How can I get it back to the first page so quickly and without resorting to any hassle?

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You want to be within the 10 best businesses in Google's eyes, but don't want to work for it?
Not going to happen. There are no short cuts, you work hard, or pay somebody to do it for you. No such thing as "no-hassle" in SEO. Sorry to sound brutal, but it's the truth.

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Here are some ways you can keep an eye on your website

1.‘Fold’ Isn’t as Important as You Think
2. Visuals Attract Instantly
3. Apply the Contrast Principle
4. Adapt to F-shaped Reading Pattern

5. Guide Them with Directional Cues

6. Don’t Make Them Dwell on the “Dead Weight”
7. Use Whitespace Wisely
8. Tune Your Typography
9. Encapsulate What’s Important

Good advice?
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