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how do i decide a blog title

how do i decide a blog title to drive heavy traffic on my website

  1. Search Engine Optimization Services London  2.Social Media Marketing Services Birmingham 3.Google Adwords Services London company name etc

1. Framing Installation Services New Jersey  2.Complete Home Alterations New York 3.Tiles working expert New jersey  
company name etc

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This may or may not help you ....

Treat it sort of like you're looking for that perfect domain name, don't decide immediately on on it.  Toss around some ideas, then see what comes to mind.

In the same way, start writing your content, but with your intent in mind of course.  You just may think up the perfect title while creating the content.

In your example above, You're asking do you write an article on

  • SEO
  • SMM
  • Adwords.

All three are really different niches in digital marketing.  Each has a different strategy, or plan.

Just like in your second example, you're offering 3 different niches to choose from.

  • handyman services / builds decks / additions
  • someone who works tile / bathrooms / kitchens
  • someone that builds houses / decks

So I ask you...

  • So which topic do you know the most about ? 
  • Which one can you provide useful practical advice people will find useful ?

You have some good ideas, all but " Tiles working expert New jersey" this just sucks...

It's not written for people.

Good advice?
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Another perspective to look at it from - what keywords are you wanting to rank for?

The top ranking in many SERPs start with the keyword string and have a branded portion at the end.

Analyzing the SERPs and your competition will give you further insight into an optimal title. 

Good advice?
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