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How to do SEO in the Adult Niche?

I won't provide my website's URL as it's very much NSFW, but I've come across a lot of SEO experts claiming to specialize in the adult niche. 

Is there any real difference in regards to the approach? I know basic SEO, so ideally I'd like to do a DIY job -- but if it's completely different I may need to outsource/learn Adult SEO.

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Its not drastically different, just many of the methods used are very much biased a certain way. A good competitive analysis will show you what is and isn't working.

There are of course some things blocking certain keywords and user access that aren't normally issues.

I would also suspect a lot of users deliberately hide prviacy so some tracking metrics and other tools may be quite inaccurate.

I did do work for a London (UK) Escort agency before, it was a very competitive niche. Got them from 90th to 13th for their main keyword in no time at all, then they cancelled services after we didn't get on to the first page a month later.

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There are many online websites and other platforms are available.
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SEO is almost same for every website. We have to made some tweaks in our strategy according to the niche and the marketing we are going to target.

So, first thing first

On-Page Optimization - In this, the methods will need to follow such as keyword research, content, quality of the content, loading speed of your web page, images quality and a easily accessible UI.

Briefing some important point

In the adult industry, competition is high and it needs smart work to get to ranking on SERP. What you need to do for the same

  1. Understand the market - Do some R&D and check what user are looking for and what kind of content they watch the most and terms or keywords they used to get the desired results. Check those keywords competition and search volume and also check do you have the same content or not.
  2. In starting, go with the long tail keywords (yes long-tail keywords are also a game changer in adult industry). It won't help you to get high traffic but it will help you to get some decent users.
  3. Optimize your images for user (don't use fake images, it will cause to increase the bounce rate).
  4. Optimize your website for both mobile phones as well as for desktops.
  5. Try to add videos in HD quality and pay some attention on your hosting and server too.
  6. Make 80% of your content free so you can get more visitors to your website.
  7. Add categories according to your users' taste.
  8. Make your content downloadable as most of the users save videos for later.

Let's come to the link building - Link building is necessary for any industry to rank their keyword on the top of the SERP but it is quite difficult for Adult industries. Don't worry, you can get backlinks for your website too. Just signup to the Ahref or SEMrush tool and spy on your competitors backlinks. Contact to same niche website owners to link back.

Hope you get the idea how to start.

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Hello sir,

SEO for adult niche and SEO for other website. There are no such big differences. But it is always better to hire an SEO expert instead of DIY. 

If you are interested we can do the SEO for your adult website at an unbeatable price. Let's discuss more. WhatsAap us at +91 7044811486.

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