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How to get First Rank In Seo?

Any one can suggest

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Search your keywords on Google.

Then examine each of the top 10 websites. 

This means how the sites looks, if you're not a good web designer then consider hiring a professional.

Examine their content, see how they use schema note how they use keywords.

Now go and create best of web content for your site to compete against them.

Then examine the back link profiles of each site  This will give you a little incite on how hard it may be to reach page one let alone in the top three spots.

Now examine your keywords for traffic.

Target keywords with low competition and some traffic.  Then as you build up traffic and traction in your niche, start targeting harder phrases.

This is not something that can be accomplished overnight, instead expect it to take time.  Anywhere from 4 months to a year, depending on how competitive a niche you are in.

Good advice?
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