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How to regain Google's trust after website gets hacked?

The website got hacked, hacker added thousands of pages, I removed them from the server, restored website backup, and to remove hacker added pages from SERP I used Google's Removal Tool to remove them from SERP

The website is 100% secure now but all the rankings have gone out of index all together except for the branded keyword, so how long until Google restores those rankings? what can I do to speed up the process?

I have been putting out relevant blog content, internal linking, and planing niche-specific guest blogging in the hopes that it would help.

Is there anything else that I can do?

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Be careful here... 

You stated --  "planing niche-specific guest blogging in the hopes that it would help".

This is link building, pure and simple and I would put a brake on it right now.  

Fix what is broken and remember this  "link building will not help remove a manual or algorithmic penalty" !!!!! 

In fact it may actually make it worse !

You fixed the site now what you should do is this ...

Notify Google as such.. 
Submit a reconsideration request and tell Google the site has been fixed.  

Then sit back and watch your ranking return ! 

Then if you must go build some links.. but to do so now is a mistake.

Good advice?
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